Keep the magic alive.

The Santa Book addresses the truth about Santa in a way that respects the curiosity and intelligence of children. It is an uplifting start to a new chapter in a child’s development, and reinforces the meaning of the holiday season.


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What parents are saying...

30 parents were given prototype books to read with their children prior to Christmas of 2022 and were surveyed about their experiences. The responses were overwhelmingly positive.

  • Beautiful and Human

    “I did not know what to expect, and it honestly elicited a pretty emotional reaction from me.”
    – Eric G.

  • Child-Centered

    "The Santa Book helps a child walk over a developmental bridge. As a mom and elementary educator, I love this reframing and integration. The whole thing is MAGICAL.”
    – Heidi K.

  • Uplifting and Positive

    “After we read the book, my son was SO EXCITED to participate in the giving season for his younger siblings. It was 10/10, 100%, 5 stars the most positive and uplifting experience!!”
    – Mandy B.

  • A Gentle Transition

    "My fear about telling my four boys about Santa was about crushing their spirits! I so appreciate how this book handles it so well, and keeps the magic alive!"
    – Ali B.

  • Richly Crafted

    "All of the illustrations are beautiful! I really loved each page and feel that the explanations along with the illustrations brought a sense of joy and excitement!"
    – Laura K.

  • Values-Driven

    "It made my son feel special because he knew something so important. The message is very positive and uplifting–explaining the special power of the holiday season and what it does for people, and why it’s important to be generous and kind."
    –Jackson E.

  • Timeless illustration.
    Thoughtful details.
    Heirloom qualilty.

    • Lock and key keep the story safe from the eyes of those not ready to learn the truth
    • Beautiful, detailed, engaging illustrations
    • Meaningful, interactive oath makes the rite of passage “official”
    • Signatures by child and adult mark the special occasion
    • Space to commemorate future generations and memories